Empowering women and children through education and entrepreneurship.

Beacon East is working to advance education, relieve poverty and increase health.

BEHO (Beacon East Humanitarian Organization) has been working with our partners to advance education in Ethiopia by providing scholarships to girls, building school infrastructure, and providing educational materials.

BEHO works to relieve poverty through our shoe-shine library.

BEHO is also working to relieve poverty and increase better health through our WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) projects.

BEHO was formally established in 2019, but members of the organization have been working in Ethiopia since 2004.

Advance Education for Women

BEHO provides scholarships to women in an effort to help advance their education and life goals.

Education Infrastructure Projects

BEHO works with our partners to identify education facilities that can benefit from structural improvements.

Relieve Poverty

BEHO has set up a shoe-shine library to provide members of the community the ability to make income in an effort to relieve poverty.


In an effort to relieve poverty and assist in better health, BEHO works with community community members to identify where WASH projects are needed. BEHO has built toilets and sinks at schools to promote health. BEHO has dug a water well, which allows for clean drinking water nearby, reducing the time it for women to fetch water, enabling them more time for family and work.

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